A Day in Visalia, California

Living in bustling Los Angeles, I was looking for an escape from the atmosphere. After researching places to visit in the state, I came across Visalia. Who would have known that the San Joaquin Valley, an area known for its agriculture, would offer so many natural attractions? After contacting the Visalia Chamber of Commerce for some recommendations, I decided to visit the Sequoia National Forest and the Giant Sequoia National Monument since I like to spend time doing anything outdoors. I grabbed my gear and hit the road. In about three hours, I arrived in Visalia and was ready to explore. I chatted with a ranger and saw the giant trees. Although I was not alone in the forest, it was peaceful. I hiked the trails, saw the water crash through the streams and lakes and enjoyed a picnic lunch while I watched for wildlife. Then, I scaled a couple cliffs, broke in my hiking boots and managed not to get lost walking in the wilderness. I took some pictures of the trees and the monument before heading back to the city. Visalia gave me the chance to get back to nature and find some quiet away from work and the crowded city. The City of Angels will always be my home, but sometimes, a change of scenery is good.

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